Bakewell – Fairy Tale Village!

Fairy Tales and fantasy merges to give you Bakewell. Situated just about 21 kms away from Sheffield, Bakewell is world famous for its pudding. This charming city is situated on the River Wye. It will take you just around 2 hours to explore the entire town. Every Monday a traditional market is held in the town. In the book, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, Elizabeth Bennet mentions Bakewell  as the town from which she traveled to visit Pemberley.

It is the definition of a quintessential place to spend time with your loved ones. For someone like me, it is a calming place. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, I come here to rewind myself. I have always been a small town girl and small things give me great pleasures.

Sitting by the river, playing with the ducks, eating hand made turkey sandwich and reading my favorite book, I felt like I had it all.


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These love locks might remind you of those in Paris and rightly so.



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Bakewell Pudding

One of my favourite thing to eat is world renowned Bakewell Pudding, a jam pastry with an egg and ground almond enriched filling.


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IMG_20160731_124122992 Chatsworth House




Made in Sheffield

If you have an appetite to trek hills and being called ‘love’ and ‘fam’ (short for family) warms you heart then Sheffield is the place to be. Globally referred to as the ‘City of Steel’ for producing the best quality steel, Sheffield owes its name to River Sheaf.

Sheffield’s gothic buildings showcase the British architecture at its best. And if you get bored despite of everything the city has to offer then I suggest you have Henderson’s Relish with fish and chips to spice it up for you.

I have learnt and gained so much from this city and the people I have met here. I started my journey with being homesick but then I struck the right chords and all of a sudden, everyday was an adventure. I was a student at #Sheffield Hallam University and let’s just say it was a great 2015/2016. Now I am at a stage where my heart is going through a rollercoaster of emotions as I realise that Sheffield is home too.

It will be etched in my memory because I achieved some great things, failed at some, loved a boy, had some great teachers and above all, witnessed the first snow of my life.

I have compiled some of my favourite moments and places here –

First Snow

Like many kids, I too have yearned to witness a snowfall and make snowman out of it. While there wasn’t enough snow to build a snowman, I took it upon myself to fulfill that dream. I was outside my house the entire time it snowed and it remains one of my most beautiful memory.

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Sheffield Hallam University

One of the finest modern university in UK, it is also one of the most friendliest. I have had some great moments and met some great people here. There have been ups and downs but everything was worth it. It helped me mould into a more confident and hard working individual and literally inflated my mind with wonderful things.





The iconic Crucible Theatre or “The Crucible” is a theatre built in 1971 and is situated in the city centre of Sheffield. It hosts the most prestigious event in professional snooker, the World Championship. Being a sportsperson, this was one of my favourite place to go. I was fortunate enough to cover the World Championship in 2016.


Graves Park



Norfolk Park

I was, am and will always remain in love with this place. In my head, I feel like I was dating this place because I would run here to clear my mind and would just lie down, run across, sit and stare at the endless sky and the hills . I have seen the leaves turn from brown to green to yellow. It will rejuvenate your mind and soul. Very inspiring!

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Victoria Quay

My second most favourite place. I would alternate my runs between Norfolk park and Victoria Quay. I used to sit here eating fish and chips and also, fed the ducks. I have had interesting conversations with boat owners who lived here as well. The serene environment energizes you. Perfect place for an evening walk.

victoria quay.jpg



Peace Garden

Everyone loves Peace Garden. From kids to grandmothers. Its a treat to the eyes on a sunny day with amazing fountains to soak yourselves in. In the background of this picture is Sheffield’s Gothic town hall.

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I chose Sheffield because I knew it was one of UK’s most sportiest city. Of course, there is always Jessica Ennis Hill (Olympic Gold Medalist) to be in love with.  The football club culture began in Sheffield as the world’s oldest football club is situated here. Sheffield has two major football clubs namely – Sheffield United Football Club and Sheffield Wednesday Football Club.  Fortunately, I got the opportunity to work with both the clubs.







City Center and Food

My happy, shopping place. It has everything from high street brands to great food.




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Sheffield has given me a lifetime experience of both good and bad and will always remain an integral part of me. I had the choice to live in London but I stayed put in Sheffield. The slogan of the city is”Deo Adjuvante Labor Proficit” (English : “With God’s help our labour is successful”) and that’s exactly what the city has taught me – to work hard to achieve my dreams.


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