Bakewell – Fairy Tale Village!

Fairy Tales and fantasy merges to give you Bakewell. Situated just about 21 kms away from Sheffield, Bakewell is world famous for its pudding. This charming city is situated on the River Wye. It will take you just around 2 hours to explore the entire town. Every Monday a traditional market is held in the town. In the book, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, Elizabeth Bennet mentions Bakewell  as the town from which she traveled to visit Pemberley.

It is the definition of a quintessential place to spend time with your loved ones. For someone like me, it is a calming place. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, I come here to rewind myself. I have always been a small town girl and small things give me great pleasures.

Sitting by the river, playing with the ducks, eating hand made turkey sandwich and reading my favorite book, I felt like I had it all.


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These love locks might remind you of those in Paris and rightly so.



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Bakewell Pudding

One of my favourite thing to eat is world renowned Bakewell Pudding, a jam pastry with an egg and ground almond enriched filling.


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IMG_20160731_124122992 Chatsworth House