Swosti Chilika Resort – The éclat of a luxury weekend stay

Swosti Chilika Resort (www.swostihotels.com/swosti-chilika-resort) is an experiential luxury traveller’s dream and a nature lover’s paradise. Its a haven for stressed and burnt-out guests, who are drawn to the cool breeze from the Chilika lake gushing through the resort. Chilika lake is Asia’s largest brackish water lake and is also the largest wintering ground for migratory birds on the Indian sub-continent. Its always good to be by nature’s side on a weekend if you are in Odisha.

Situated an hour and a half away from Odisha’s capital city of Bhubaneswar, the  subtle decor and the pastel shades of the buildings reflects a contemporary vibe which is quite refreshing. A private resort, with a gateway to Chilika Lake, it provides every facet of a five-star getaway. In contrast to its rugged coastal landscape, the resort is sleek and ultramodern with lush greenery.



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I checked into my room at the very spacious Quad Villas, the Windchimes. Close your eyes and you’ll hear the winds from the Chilika Lake outside your window. Open them, and you’ll see the rustic-chic indulgence of the room.  Rich woods, chic furniture and some Spring-like flowery designs on the cushions and bed cover makes for quite a luxurious setting.

image_6483441 (17)

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I then headed to eat as a special dinner awaited me at the Orana restaurant.  It offers the spark into this idyllic resort, complete with a thoughtful, local produce-driven menu but also has international culinary options. The glorious Crab fry and grilled fish (both procured from the lake) is what I opted for to satiate my palate.


image_6483441 (19)

Early morning, I woke up and made my way to the jetty to soak in the virgin air and the breathtaking scenery. Even in the non-migrating season, one can spot an array of birds in the lake. ( P.S. The boat ride in the lake is only available in the morning due to unpredictable weather during evenings). If you have enough time, you can also hitch a boat ride to the Kalijai temple which is located on an island.


One of the best thing you can do at the Swosti Chilika Resort is to spoil yourself a bit at their Ekkaya- the Spa which is one of its kinds and will truly make you go spa-aah. I got the royal Ayurvedic  treatment which had oiled dripping over my forehead to soothe and relax my nerves  . Indulgent travellers could easily craft a full itinerary around day spas, and find themselves floating from oiled-up acupressure massage to flower petal baths and mani-pedis. A dip inside their small Jacuzzi kind pool will be worth it to finish it off.



It was time for some wine. Its on very rare occasions that I drink wine ( I don’t drink any other alcohol FYI). The Harbour- the bar has to be Odisha’s most chic bar I have seen and I would like to believe I have seen most bars. The relaxed and genteel atmosphere of the bar with some Jazz playing in the afternoon is quite soothing. Never expected a bar near Chilika lake playing Jazz but well. For a solitary kind like me, sipping on wine while reading a literary classic – Anna Karenina is pure bliss and a perfect definition of a Sunday evening. I signed off my evening with the Chef’s signature Grilled fish.

A befitting quote from the book for the moment : “If you love me, as you say,” she whispered, “do so that I may be at peace.”

I was more like in Zen -mode




I kickstarted my morning with a healthy Indian breakfast as cool, fresh breeze pampered my face. I packed myself some delicious Apple Pie for the way back from their cute little cafe – The Bean Hive. My favourite place to hang out at the premises after the bar. If you do plan to visit this lovely resort, make sure to say hello to the General Manager Mr. Jagannath Mohanty who is a delight to speak with. The staff of the resort if quite warm and friendly and readily available at your service.




How to Reach :

  • Book a cab from Bhubaneswar ( You can book via OTDC https://www.otdc.in/vehicles.htm)
  • If you reach Behrampur by train, then can book a cab from there as well.

 Local things to explore :

  • Kalijai Temple
  • Gopalpur-on-sea is just an hour’s drive from the resort
  • The Silk town of Behrampur which is 45 minutes form the resort is good to shop some silk sarees to take back as souvenirs.

What’s Special about the resort: Location, hospitality , Spa and Sea-food. Basically everything.

Tariff: They have different packages available starting from For 2 Nights/3 Days :- Rs.14999+ Taxes .


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