An evening at the World’s Biggest Open Air Theater Drama: Dhanu Yatra

The laid back town of Bargarh ( 1 hour from Sambalpur district in Odisha) becomes vibrant and full of life during Dhanu Yatra, the festival which takes place at the world’s biggest open air theater (Yup, its in the Guinness World of Record)


During the 11 days of festivities, the main municipality area turns into the historical town of Mathura Nagari, river Jeera turns into Yamuna, Ambapaali village (now a ward – part of Bargarh municipality) becomes Gopapura. A Pond by the side of Jeera river in Ambapali becomes the Kalindi Lake of the mythology.


The vibe of the city is quite cheerful and on the way from Sambalpur to Bargarh, I saw many people dressed as different characters of Lord Krishna Puran (mythological story). The colourful ensembles of the characters with intricate work was quite magnificent as well. The decor was majestic as well!


The entire town has to obey the commands of Kansa. Kansa can summon anyone from the collector of the district to the CM of the state.


This year, there were performers from various countries like China and Bangladesh.


The characters have swanky rides – Camels and Elephants. Truly Royal!

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