Satkosia – A day out in the tranquil wild!

Around 3 hours from Bhubaneswar is the Satkosia Sand Resort where I was headed to on a Thursday morning. Yes, a weekday get away.


The hills are lush and the water is so green because of its 90 feet depth. I took a boat from the jetty which took me in the waters. The ride was amazing with the confluence of the sunlit and the shadow side. Please make sure you are wearing your life jacket at all times.


I do fear crocodiles therefore, just said hi to this fellow who was sunbathing from a distance. There are many crocodiles who chill on the shores in Satkosia. One needs to be careful.


Turtles doing what they do best, that’s nothing. Looking cute though!!


India’s second and Odisha’s first Canopy Walk recently opened at the resort. I totally was walking the tightrope.


These are the amazing tents available with and without AC. The food served by Odisha Tourism Development Corporation generally consists of Dal, Rice, Fish and Veggies. I approve of it. You can also play some volleyball at the beach and during night, light a bonfire. And Be Merry!!


My cute Guest House for the Day. It had a very old charm to it and was surrounded by a lovely, well maintained garden. Unfortunately, its not available for the tourists. If you are planning to visit Satkosia Sand Resort, make sure you book your own cottage/tent via


A random place with a picturesque background where I stopped by.


Here’s my happy face post the boat ride.

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